About GrayHairSpecialist

This site exists in order to give you a brief overview of gray hair causes (which mainly lie in your genes) and available treatments. You may not find positive answers to all your questions here but rest assured that this website was designed to help you, not to fool you and sell you some overpriced scam. Give it a few minutes read, it is worth it. We all wish to look younger (at least most of us who have been blessed with early gray hair) and are willing to try anything that can help us turn the clock backwards. But expect no wonders; educate yourself so that you do not become an easy prey of dishonest scammers.

In summary, most of us cannot reverse our white hair from within. We can only cover it. If you do not like hair coloring, live with your gray. It is the least expensive, the healthiest and the most honest option you have. If you decided to reverse your gray, get ready for applying some weird substances to your hair on a regular basis. Take an honest advice from a seasoned gray hair specialist, it can save you time and money and spare you of unnecessary frustration.