Can Any Pill Reverse Grey Hair?

Using color to cover grey hair is an ancient method of hiding your true age. Hundreds of millions people on earth dye their hair regularly. However, a more elegant way of dealing with grey hair is to reverse it and grow back hair of original color. But is it really possible? There are a couple of products such as Reminex, Melancor or Shou Wu Pill that promise to bring back your former hair color permanently if you continue using them. So let us have a look at their main ingredients. The first that catches ones attention is a famous Chinese plant Fo-Ti or He Shou Wu also dubbed Mr. Black Hair. Its story goes back many centuries ago to China where a local man by the name of Mr. He brought back color to his hair and vitality to his aging body by daily consuming large quantities of this plant. Fo-Ti thus became one of the main youth tonics used in the Chinese folk medicine. Unfortunately, no serious scientific proof exists that this plant would really be helpful in reversing grey hair although many consumers say it makes their regular pigmented hair darker, which makes an impression of giving color also to the white hair.

Other common ingredients that can be found in such products include B vitamins, mainly PABA and folic acid and minerals such as Zinc. Some of these products also contain extracts from various other healing plants used in traditional Chinese or Indian medicine. The aforementioned vitamins B are often associated with reversing grey hair but this only applies to people suffering from chronic vitamin B deficiency, which is a relatively rare condition and missing vitamins are being administered through injections rater than orally. Zinc and other vital minerals are needed for a healthy hair growth but they are not known to be able to reverse the color of white hair either. And as for other healing plants, there is none that would be proven, either alone or in combination with other factors, to reverse grey hair. This said, however, applies only to premature and age related grey hair. In some people having discolored hair due to certain chemical processes some of these products might help as they could rejuvenate their hair and bring back its lost color and shine.

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