Can Vitamins Reverse Gray Hair?

Gray hair is widely associated with aging. In some people the first gray hair can emerge as early as in their teens. This is considered as premature and in many of those people it will inevitably lead to developing large gray areas in their late twenties and often turning their hair almost completely gray in their late thirties. If person’s hair is more than 50% grey by the age of 40 it is considered premature. Many people believe that premature gray hair is caused by unhealthy lifestyle, bad diet, extreme stress or vitamin deficiency. Although in some people this assumption may reflect the truth, in the most cases premature gray hair appears to be genetically determined as it does not seem to be influenced by any external factor. Despite that many premature gray hair sufferers reach for vitamins and nutritional supplement pills hoping to improve their condition.

But there are so many products claiming to reverse gray hair out there so why should not you try them. The fact is that they won’t do anything to reverse your graying process nor stopping it. There is no existing empirical or scientific evidence proving that any vitamin or nutritional supplement can slow down the graying process, let alone to halt it. However, there are people suffering from chronic vitamin B deficiency and in those patients vitamin B shots or extra intake of B vitamin can improve their condition. But no vitamin can help reverse gray hair in a normal healthy person.

It needs to be made clear that genetically determined, premature gray hair has not been found to be associated with any other health condition and no matter when your hair starts turning gray this will not have any impact on your overall health condition or life expectancy. Nevertheless, none of us wants to turn gray at an early age. So if vitamins cannot help you what can? The answer will not please you but there is nothing you can do at the moment to halt or reverse the graying process naturally and the only remaining option is to color you hair. There are plenty of options that were and will be discussed on this blog, but for god’s sake do not believe that a couple of vitamin pills can reverse your gray hair. You are wasting your money and making a fool of yourself.

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