Enzyme That Causes White Hair

The scientists have found out recently that the lack of enzyme catalase can cause white hair. This enzyme is present in many living organisms and its role is to enable the conversion of hydrogen peroxide in water. Hydrogen peroxide is an aggressive chemical substance often used to bleach hair. The lack of this enzyme has been shown to lead to gray hair as there is too much hydrogen peroxide building up in our hair follicles and thus we bleach our hair from within. If too much damage is caused to our hair follicles by hydrogen peroxide other enzymes that are responsible for repairing this damage are in short supply. And what makes matters even worse is that the lack of these enzymes called MSR A and MSR B leads to disruption of the production of the enzyme tyrosinase, which is needed for hair pigment production. This is a vicious circle speeding up hair graying process.

Although this discovery is extremely revealing it is not conclusive that the lack of enzyme catalase it is the only factor causing gray hair. There are some people living in this world who suffer from a complete lack of the enzyme catalase (this syndrome is called acatalase) and yet their hair does not seem to be all white. Hence, there must be some other contributing factor to the final formula that causes our hair turning prematurely gray.

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