Fo-Ti for Reversing Gray Hair

The most common way of dealing with gray hair is to cover it. It may not seem to be the most elegant solutions to many people but it is the most effective way of getting rid of your gray. However, many people believe they can turn the clock backwards and reverse their gray hair naturally. Although no herb, vitamin or mineral has ever been shown to reverse gray hair the business with guaranteed products that promise you impossible is booming. Most of such products will contain B vitamins as premature gray hair in some individuals can be caused by vitamin B deficiency. The problem with extra intake of vitamin B is that it will not help an average gray hair sufferer as most of us have no deficiency in B vitamins.

However, there is one herb, Fo-Ti also known as He shou wu that you can find in almost any anti-gray hair pill on the market. This herb is also widely available in chemists shops as a herbal supplement. The story of Fo-Ti’s positive impact on graying hair goes more than 10 centuries back as Mr He, an old Chinese villager used this plant to reverse his gray hair. He was about 60 years old at the time and had no children. The story goes that he managed to reverse his gray and fathered children at a very ripe age and lived to be 130. Ever since gray hair reversing properties are attributed to it. Fo-Ti is not only valued for its ability to reverse white hair as it been used in China as a youth tonic for thousands of years. The truth, however, is that is not effective in reversing gray hair at all and any product you buy, containing Fo-Ti as its prime active ingredient is a waste of your time and money. The only effect from taking Fo-Ti pills will be slight diarrhoea and a possible weight loss.

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