Latest Gray Hair Research

Scientific research into causes and possible treatment options for premature gray hair is in a relatively early stage. It is not exactly known what causes gray hair on biological level; let alone how to reverse it. You can check some of the recent articles from reputable sources listed below to form your own opinion of treatments that promise you guaranteed results. At the moment there is no clinically proven medication to reverse the graying process. Products that claim to do it are either scams or can present a serious health risk.

This article discusses the critical role that hydrogen peroxide and the lack of enzyme catalase may play in triggering the graying process:

The same news in another article but this one is presented in a less scientific fashion:

Yet another good scientific article on how hydrogen peroxide inhibits melanin production and thus causes hair to turn gray:

Here you find a report saying that gray hair may protect us from cancer since the graying process is a protective mechanism, a reaction to the stress caused by free radical forming radiation:

This article discusses the role of the recently discovered enzyme TRP-2 that acts to protect the melanocyte stem cells from damage and thus enables them to last longer:

This study discusses Wnt signaling as a key factor for coordinated actions of follicle stem cells and pigment-producing melanocytes that are critical for hair pigmentation:

An ultra-violet-activated, modified pseudocatalase was found to be a promising novel cure for treating patchy skin (vitiligo) and potentially also for premature grey hair