Men's Options to Cover Gray Hair

It has been discussed in previous posts that lead acetate, which used to be the main component of many gray hair colorants favored mainly by men to reduce the amount of their gray, may no longer be sold in most countries of the world. This is for health reasons since lead acetate is a poisonous substance, which if used inappropriately, could become potentially harmful. The problem is that popular products such as Grecian formula, Youthair or GreyBan that were based on this poisonous compound had to be reformulated so that they could continue selling but their efficacy in covering gray hair is lot worse than with old banned lead based products. This situation leaves many gray hair sufferers with no easy solution to their problem.

The new formulas are using silver acetate, copper acetate and bismuth citrate, which are believed to have similar properties to lead acetate but unfortunately they work much slower and much less effectively and cannot be used by people who have significant amount of gray hair. This is mainly because of their low efficacy and because they change color when exposed to direct sunlight, often leaving the white hair red. In addition, once you wash your hair most of the color is gone. So you only make yourself a fool, a red hair clown, for a few hours. Do not believe in pills that can bring back your original hair color, they will only make your urine and the seller rich.

The only option now, for gray haired men, is to color their hair as women have done for ages. There are subtle options such as Touch of Gray or Men Perfect but they contain aggressive chemicals and are thus not suitable for everyone. In addition, they do not change your hair color gradually as lead based products did. And remember: women who dye their hair look cool, men look colored. So it might be the right time to show the world you are a mature gentleman.

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