Natural Gray Hair Cures

The most common advice for anyone going gray prematurely that you get to hear is to try some natural treatments first and start living a healthy lifestyle. Although there is nothing wrong about this statement it may not bring desired results if you have been graying for years. Remember that greying is a sign of aging, so extreme stress, going to bed late or heavy smoking will not do much good to your overall health, let alone to your hair.

When it comes to natural remedies for white hair there are some that are said to have helped certain people. The best known amongst them is Fo-Ti (known as He Shou Wu in Chinese which translates as Mr. Black Hair). It is one of the chief youth tonics of the Chinese medicine and is believed to bring back youthful vitality and original hair color. The name comes from an old Chinese legend that goes back to the 9th century. The legend has it to say that Mr. He who started using this herb was able to regain his youthful looks and strength and managed to father children at the ripe age of 65 (he had no children till then) whereas his hair turned completely black. You can buy cheap Fo-Ti and try it out to see whether it works. Most of the overpriced anti-gray hair pills use it as their main ingredient, mixing it with other natural ingredients that are discussed below.

Blackstrap molasses is an inexpensive potential remedy for gray hair. It is a sweet by-product from sugar refining (made from sugar cane), rich in minerals and vitamins. Blackstrap molasses is a concentrate of all good things contained in the sugar cane. Like Fo-Ti, blackstrap molasses is an oral treatment that should help you reinvigorate your dyeing hair pigment-producing cells from within. If you decide to try it, you should give it several months to work. This should be no problem at all as it is tasty, healthy and cheap so it will not ruin you wallet.

Onion juice is an age-old natural remedy for treating premature grey hair and hair thinning. It is being applied topically to the scalp for about 30min to one hour daily where it helps the blood circulation to hair follicles and fights germs and fungi infections that can weaken your hair. Onion juice is also very rich in catalase enzyme. However, its use as a grey hair remedy now has some scientific backing since the discovery of the role of catalase enzyme in breaking down hydrogen peroxide in hair follicles accumulation of which is thought to cause premature greying. A little weakness of this home-made cure is that it can give your hair a slight reddish tinge. Additionally, in order to avoid smelling like onion you will need to wash your hair daily.

Apple cider vinegar is another centuries old natural remedy for gray hair. Mix it with water (1:1) and rinse your hair with it. Then wrap your hair in a towel and leave it on for half an hour to work. Then shampoo your hair. Try this a few times a week for a couple of months to see whether there is any change. Apple cider vinegar should help you reverse your gray hair naturally from within, so do not expect it to work immediately. Should you feel that it dries your hair too much, use a thinner solution and a hair conditioner to moisturize your hair after each application. Apple cider vinegar is a weak acid so do not use it if you dye your hair as it could interfere with some chemical components in the hair color.

Sage tea is yet another traditional remedy to reverse gray hair. Strong sage tea should be applied directly to your dry hair, left to dry naturally and then rinsed properly with clean water. Although it is often claimed that sage tea can bring back you natural hair color, do not be surprised if it gives you a slightly different tinge as it mainly works from outside as a natural hair colorant. Use it regularly and do not expect wonders after the first application.

Vitamin B, especially two vitamins from this group, PABA (B10) and folic acid (B9), are associated with preserving original hair color and their lack, which can be due to several health condition leading to vitamin B deficiency, has been proven to cause premature graying of hair. If you had a blood test done and know you have very low levels of vitamin B you probably take vitamin B injections anyway. But if you smoke heavily or live in a constant stress and sleep deprivation or drink too much alcohol it may not be such a bad idea to add some vitamin B supplements, especially PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) and folic acid, to your diet. The fact is that unhealthy lifestyle can lead to faster vitamin depletion and thus also to premature gray hair.

This list of natural white hair remedies is not exhaustive but it is believed to mention those that are most likely to help you reduce the amount of your gray or at least slow down the graying process. Other potential treatments may also include curd, black sesame seed oil, nettle root extract, black Japanese sansho pepper, etc.

There is a number of anti-gray hair pills as well as topical products employing these ingredients that sometimes sell at astronomic prices such as Re:nual Serum, Melancor-NH, Reminex, Shen Min, Shou Wu Pian, Shou Wu Pill, etc. You can try them but expect no wonders and read consumer reviews first. The sad truth is that the only proven method of successfully reversing your gray at the moment is to cover it either with permanent hair dyes or with gray hair colorants (also called semi-permanent hair color).