Permanent or Semi-permanent Hair Dye?

Hair dying has existed for centuries, especially to cover up gray hair but it is now becoming ever more popular with fashion fanatics to give them a new look. However, it should be kept in mind that hair dying is not always safe since you are applying several aggressive chemical substances to your hair and skin and you should know exactly what you are doing in order to avoid unnecessary damage.

If you dye your hair frequently it can start breaking. You can either use permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes. A permanent hair dye stays for long on your hair and will not wash out with several washings while the semi-permanent hair dyes are not so strong and will diminish with few washes because they do not contain resistant chemicals and these chemicals are less invasive. Hence, the more often you wash your hair the faster the color goes. Therefore, the semi-permanent hair dyes, though less damaging to you hair, are a suitable option only if you do not wish to wash your hair daily. If you do, you will have to apply them more often which degrades their greatest strength of being less damaging to your health and hair.

Permanent hair dye on the other hand usually consists of a package containing two bottles. One contains hydrogen peroxide and the other contains the dye dissolved in ammonia and a small bottle or bag of conditioning cream for use after the treatment. When the contents of the two bottles are mixed they act as a permanent hair dye that when applied on your hair causes the hair to swell and open the hair shaft and the chemical substance penetrates inside your hair shaft and changes the color of your hair. This process takes anything between half an hour to 45 minutes and is then followed by rinsing and conditioning. So, whichever type of hair dye you decide to use, it is important to follow the instructions that come with the product.

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