Possible Grey Hair Protection from Cancer

Japanese scientists have recently discovered a link between gray hair and cancer protection. Their latest research shows that hair in mice turned grey as a result of harmful ionizing radiation, leading to the formation of free radicals, which are known to cause cancer. This radiation caused premature maturing of cells in hair follicles and disabled them from producing melanin, the pigment which gives color to our hair. The cells exposed to the radiation turned themselves into other types of cells instead and prohibited further multiplication of damaged cells and thus prevented processes that could possibly lead to developing cancerous tumors.

It is a known fact that ionizing radiation can cause uncontrollable cell multiplication and so induce the growth of cancers. Therefore, prohibiting this uncontrollable growth is the key to preventing cancer. Graying is the process that mainly occurs in older people as the sell damage accumulates with age, which is an argument that could support this theory. This was just a primary research and lot more studies will be needed to further support or refute this theory.

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