Reminex, a magic pill for reversing grey hair

Reminex is one of numerous anti-grey hair pills that derives its potential for reversing grey hair largely from using Fo-Ti extract, also known as He shou wu, a Chinese youth tonic that is rumoured to help people with premature white hair restore their former hair colour naturally from within. Other "powerful" components of its magic formula include two vitamins from the group of B vitamins - PABA and folic acid. Deficiency of these two vitamins is being associated with greying of hair, especially in people suffering from Vitamin B deficiency.

The remaining ingredients include minerals such as zinc, associated with healthy hair growth and some other agents mainly used in hair cosmetics, which role is to make hair appear fuller, healthier and shinier. Although it is undisputable that a chronic deficiency in Vitamin B can cause white hair it is unlikely that its oral administration to a normal healthy and well nourished individual can help reverse grey hair. As far as Fo-Ti goes there is no proof, clinical or empirical, that it can reverse grey hair. So if you wish to try Reminex you are welcome to do so but the likelihood that it would reverse the grey colour of your hair is minimal.

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