Reversing Gray Hair

There is a widespread confusion about our ability to reverse gray hair. A number of commercial products make unfounded claims of being able to reverse gray hair naturally. Reversing gray hair naturally is widely understood as reversing the graying process from within. Most of the products that claim to do so are of natural origin and thus also claim to be carrying no health risks. However, there are some products, often called progressive hair colorants that make claims of reversing gray hair naturally too, which in this case means they add no extra color to your hair just bring back your natural hair color. Let us have a look at such claims:

1) As regards the ability of some nutritional pills to reverse gray hair from within such claims seem completely unfounded. No herb, herbal extract, vitamin, mineral or dietary supplement or their combination have been proven to date to reverse the graying process. Scientists on all continents are relentlessly searching for such substance but nothing is currently available yet and any such claims are purely made up to sell their overpriced products. However, in some instances in people suffering from vitamin B deficiency a dietary increase of vitamin B intake can help reverse their gray hair.

2) Progressive hair colorants do not reverse the graying process either. All they do is to color your hair from outside. Their claims of reversing gray hair naturally are due to the fact that they use no artificial pigments and therefore are not suitable for all colors and shades. However, for people whose hair is in the shades of black and white that is between blond and black but not brown or red these products really make the impression of reversing their hair color naturally. This is different from hair colors that always change your original color to a certain degree. If your hair color is between blond and black progressive hair colorants will not affect the color of your pigmented hair which gives you very natural impression. Additionally, progressive hair colorants, as their name indicates, change your hair color gradually which appears to be more natural than a sudden change you get from regular hair dyes.

However, to conclude, there is no product available yet that can really reverse your grey hair naturally as most people would understand such statement.

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