The Myth of Restoring Your Hair Colour Naturally

There are three major ways to renew your hair colour in order to cover your grey. You can choose to go to your hair salon and have your hairdresser provide a professional hair colouring. This involves washing, bleaching and then adding your colour of choice – none of which is good for your hair. The second choice is to buy a colonisation kit at your local drug or department store. Again, it will normally involve first bleaching your hair and then adding the colour of your choice. And again you are beginning your process by harming your hair. Thirdly, you can choose to purchase a single-chemical colonisation process. This usually works by applying it during your shower, letting it stay on your hair for as long as you want the colour-depth to return, and then rinse it out. This is not nearly so damaging to your hair as the bleaching processes.

The downside to any of these processes, including both the above and most of the other alternatives out there, is that they are only changing the colour of your grown hair and after a week or so you are beginning to have visible growth of your grey hair. After two weeks it becomes noticeable, making renewing your chosen colonisation process necessary, renewing the damage you are causing to your hair. It is not natural and must continue to be used to keep your chosen colour looking natural and keep your roots coloured. None of it is natural and all of it is damaging, more or less, to your hair.

Would not it be nice to renew your original hair colour naturally? There are several herbal tonics and rubs/shampoos out there which say they will restore natural hair colour. You choose any of them at your own risk. However, some are more risky than others. Any natural colour restoration system which depends upon either being a rub or a shampoo sounds more like an artificial dye job. You need to seek out the ones that are taken internally. Tonics and teas would appear to be the most effective of all natural hair colour restoratives - but do they really work?

A word of caution is required here. There are many such teas and tonics available claimed to restore your natural hair colour. However, there is no scientific evidence at the moment that any existing medicine, diet, herb, supplement or natural product such as tonic or a herbal tea can prevent or reverse greying hair. It is not possible yet to revive the dead pigment producing cells at the root of your hair and if you decide to buy any product promising to change the colour of your hair naturally you are most likely wasting your time and money.

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