The New Grecian Formula Seems Less Effective

The other days I have had a look at consumer reviews of the once-so-popular anti-grey hair lotion - Grecian Formula at and they show that people are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the new formulation as it is almost impossible to find a positive consumer review recently. This must have to do with the fact that lead has been banned from cosmetic products altogether it the most countries in the world. Therefore, Grecian Formula had to be redesigned and lead acetate replaced with some other, less harmful chemical – bismuth citrate or in some cases with certain silver based salts.

These chemicals seem to be less efficient when it comes to coloring grey hair and they also appear to be more expensive. Therefore, the makers of Grecian Formula are using lower concentration of these chemicals than would be needed to give it efficacy that consumers expect. This statement also applies to other similar anti-grey hair products such as Restoria and others. So if you wish to continue using Grecian Formula to cover you white hair you should be looking for a cream rather than liquid because it seems to work better as it covers your hair more efficiently. Or you need to start using some semi-permanent or demi-permanent hair dye which, unfortunately, will not give you the same gradual and unnoticeable change in hair color as Grecian Formula once did.

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